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A Little Bit About Us...

The Drawing Board is able to offer customers incomparable design and drafting services considering the advanced technology used, the accumulated experience, and the astounding staff. The exceptional Auto-CAD software is used in all of the projects, which allows luxury dream homes and any commercial endeavor to be possible. The Drawing Board specializes in cutting-edge custom homes, and it also has a reputation for skillful commercial projects, which have included apartments, car washes, and grain elevators. For residential projets, individuals are able to fill out a New Home Design Criteria, which allows many options to start creating your new dream home that can become a reality. When an individual or builder receives a set of plans, the customer will receive the following that is included in our four set package. Each set includes a Site Plan, Concrete Details/Wall Sections, Foundation, Floor Plan, Elevations, Roof Plan, and an Electrical Plan.

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