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Drafting & Design


The Drawing Board is able to offer our customers incomparable design and drafting services considering the advanced technology, the accumulated experience, and the astounding staff. Auto-CAD software is used in all projects, which allows precise accuracy, luxury dream homes, and any commercial endeavor to be possible. 


The Drawing Board specializes in cutting-edge custom homes that vary from 1,200 to 12,000 square feet, and also has a reputation for skillful renovations and additions and also commercial projects, which consists of apartments, car washes, aircraft hangars, and hotels.


Grade Shots


Along with the drafting services provided, we also offer grade shot services for builders and for any type of topographical purposes.  Whether you are a builder or an individual needing grade shots on a buildable lot or parking lot, we provide those services using Sokkia instruments to measure to get the most accurate numbers possible.


Stock Plans

We provide a variety of stock plans ranging from ______ to______ sq. ft.  Each of our stock plans is generated by a qualified designer and draftsman to give you the best product possible.  We take each of our plans seriously, as if we were designing it for ourselves.  We create each plan so that it is unique from any other plan and will give you a “there’s no place like home” feel. 


Please visit our "Plans" page to view the available plans The Drawing Board offers.  (Any plan can be modified, reduced, or increased in square footage to fit a desired lot that you may have).

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