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Jeff Fiedler

Jeff Fiedler has been at The Drawing Board for more than 16 years as part of the drawing division, and has been a co-owner of the company since 2016. Jeff is equipped to handle everything from custom homes to commercial business services, renovations, and additions. He also attends scheduled meetings with various construction companies and clients to ensure the highest quality of service in a timely manner.

Damon Manning

Damon Manning has worked at The Drawing Board for more than 4 years as a co-owner and draftsman. Specializing in commercial drafting, Damon enables the client to achieve exactly what they are looking for; all while complying with the City of Amarillo requirements. He stays current on codes and regulations, even those regarding the ADA compliance required for commercial drawings.

Rhiannon Burch

Rhiannon Burch has 17 years of experience with residential design, and has been a draftsman and designer for The Drawing Board for over 4 years. Rhiannon has experience with commercial and residential drafting, as well as renovations and additions. She also works with the online drafting program AutoCAD to create and revise plans for various clients and builders on a daily basis.

Iraiz Hernandez

Iraiz Hernandez has been with the drawing board for more than a year as a designer and draftsman offering customers quality-drawn plans in a timely manner. Iraiz uses the online drafting program AutoCAD to turn client's ideas into reality.

Seth Chism

Seth Chism has more than 3 years of experience in drafting and designing at The Drawing Board. He is equipped with the skills needed to operate the online drafting program AutoCAD. Commercial drawing, residential drafting, and renovations/additions are a few of the projects he manages on a daily basis. Every day, Seth meets the needs and expectations of various customers and companies.

Jack Walser
Founder & Consultant

Jack Walser began drafting in the early '60s and created amazing designs for a vast array of businesses and residential customers until he retired in 2016. These plans spanned from the needs of modern homeowners to light commercial properties and heavy machinery. Since his retirement, he has been an advisor and consultant for The Drawing Board.

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